How To Conceive A Girl?

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In this site, I’ll try to give you the essential information on how to conceive a girl. But, first things first. If you really want to be conceiving a girl, there are certain things you must know before applying the techniques you’ll soon discover… (Click Here For The Full Gender Planning Course!)

Basics To Conceiving A Girl

    1. A woman’s chromosomes are always XX and a man’s are always XY. A woman produces X eggs always. A man produces BOTH X sperms and Y sperms.
    2. Whether the baby will be a boy or a girl depends on which of the man’s X or Y sperm will fertilize the woman’s X egg. (X egg + X sperm = XX = girl. X egg + Y sperm = XY = boy.)
    3. A woman ordinarily ovulates once every menstrual cycle, that is, an egg (and only one!) comes out of one of the ovaries and stays in the fallopian tube waiting for the sperm. In most cases, ovulation happens mid-cycle (not always exact). This ovulation period is the woman’s most fertile period.
    4. A man is always fertile and releases millions(!!!) of sperm each time he ejaculates. 🙂
    5. Sperm can survive up to 5 days inside the woman’s reproductive system. Eggs can survive only up to 2 days.
    6. The X sperm (girl) is larger, lives longer but moves slower than the Y sperm. The Y sperm (boy) is smaller, moves faster but lives shorter than the X sperm.
    7. The environment inside the vagina affects the lifespan and motility (“fastness of the swim”) of the sperm. The Y sperm easily dies out in an acidic one. The X sperm can survive it.

So, those are the basics on how to conceive a girl. And using such information…

Steps On How to Conceive A Girl

Consider these things always regarding how to conceive a girl: date of intercourse, sex positions, and vagina environments.

  • Date of intercourse. Have sex 2-3 days BEFORE ovulation.

Reason: After 2-3 days, the Y sperm may have all been spent already since they move fast but die faster too. The X sperm are more than the Y sperm come the time of ovulation.

  • Sex positions. The couple’s positions during sex must NOT allow for deep penetration.

Reason: Deep penetration especially during ejaculation moves the Y sperm closer to the egg. Since the Y sperm move faster, they may be able to reach the egg before they die out. Shallow penetration especially during ejaculation will favor the X sperm since they live longer although they move slower.

  • Vagina environments. The woman must NOT orgasm during sex.

Reason: Orgasm makes the vagina more alkaline (less acidic) and therefore will favor the Y sperm. Not having an orgasm will prevent that from happening. Unfair, right? Sorry, fellow ladies… 🙁

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Like me, may you also have that dream daughter that you’ve been asking for! Good luck!

Secrets to Conceiving A Girl?

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The whole course is for both men and women. For greater chances of success of conceiving a girl, both of them should cooperate and take part in the application of the techniques taught.

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Myths About Conceiving a Girl

When the world wasn’t so scientific yet, people had many myths to explain everything. That includes myths about conceiving a girl.

Since the ultrasound wasn’t there yet in the olden times, couples had to wait for 9 months before they could see their baby’s gender. So, people crafted some theories and myths so that they could predict and also influence their baby’s gender.

Here are some of those myths:

  1. The right testicle made boy sperm and the left one made girl sperm. This is especially true in the Middle Ages. Because of this myth, some men cut either their right or left testicle to influence their baby’s gender. I wonder if it was effective… Ouch!
  2. If the woman’s left breast is larger, then she’s conceiving a girl. If her right breasts are larger, she’s conceiving a boy.
  3. If the woman is carrying high, the baby is a girl. If the woman carries low, the baby is a boy. This is a famous one and I can still hear this until today.
  4. If the woman initiates sex and is more aggressive, the baby will be a boy. If the man initiates sex, the baby will be a girl. This is also a famous one.
  5. Sweeter foods will help women who want to conceive a girl. Salty foods will favor those who want to conceive a boy.
  6. Some people take note of the mother’s age and the year of conception. It’s a baby girl if both age and year are odd or both are even. It’s a baby boy if one is even and the other is odd.
  7. If the pregnant woman has an acne breakout on the chest and face during the pregnancy, she would be conceiving a girl. Reason? She is producing a larger number of female hormones that’s why she is having the acne breakout. So, the baby’s gender would follow.

These are just some of the myths about conceiving a girl. There are still so many. Just come to think of it, all cultures in the world have their own myths about this.

Now, the natural ways to conceiving a girl is not an exact science. What we could just do is to influence our baby’s gender based on scientific findings. These findings do increase the chances of influencing your child’s gender.

What do we do with these myths? Well, we just have to chuckle. Please do not put too much weight on your findings using any of the above myths. Just relax and have some fun with them. 🙂

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